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Highlights of the Sabbatical

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Total distance covered in 17 months: 87957 km / 54657 miles.
Distance covered in

  • South America: 24652 km / 15319 miles;
  • Eurasia: 63305 km / 39338 miles.

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Best Moments:

  • Watching the sunset on Mt. Everest followed by a full moon rise (Nepal).
  • Visiting Iguacu Falls (Brazil-Argentina)
  • Hiking in Vale do Pati - Chapada Diamantina (Brazil)
  • Cruising the Amazon River on hammocks (Peru-Brazil).

Sunset on Everest and Nupse

Sunset on Everest and Nupse

Worst Moments

  • Assault attempt in Belem (Brazil)
  • Bang Lassi overdose in Varanasi (India)
  • Car crash in kashmir (India)
  • Motorbike accidents in Koh Chang (Thailand)
  • Stung by a black scorpion (Malaysia)
  • Being threaten to buy over priced tickets -twice! (India)

After the Accident Outside Srinagar, India</p><p>[b

After the Accident Outside Srinagar, India


Best Nature-Watching Experiences[/b]

  • Diving with Thresher Sharks and mating Mandarin Fish (Philippines)
  • Whale watching in Puerto Madryn (Argentina)
  • Jacare and Capibara spotting in Esteros del Ibera (Argentina)
  • Diving inside a twisting school of sardines and Barracudas, Sipadan (Malaysia)
  • Elephant back riding searching for tigers and Rinhos in Chitwan (Nepal)

Mating Mandarin fish

Mating Mandarin fish

Most Amazing Monuments

  • Golden Temple in Amritsar (India)
  • Great Wall in Beijing (China)
  • Angkor Tom in Angkor Wat Park (Cambodia)
  • Ajanta Caves (India)

Great Wall

Great Wall

Most Gratifying Experiences

  • Meeting with old friends (Argentina & Uruguay)
  • Volunteering in Vang Vieng (Laos)
  • Playing with local children (Laos).
  • Helping a lost and desperate British girl in Irkutsk (Russia)
  • Being helped by a local Sikh (Malaysia)

Jay weaving bamboo

Jay weaving bamboo

Most Awkward/Uncomfortable Situations

  • Experiencing Russian Banya (butt-naked) with 3 locals
  • Riding a second class train unreserved (India)
  • Having our door pissed by a bunch of drunken finish guys (Myanmar)
  • Local vendors forcing us to buy handicrafts on a boat ride (Viet Nam)

Jay annoyed be the lady selling souvenirs

Jay annoyed be the lady selling souvenirs

Best food

  • Papaya Salad and Curries in Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Paneer Tikha Masala and Masala Dosas (India)
  • Pasta in Mercado del Puerto, Montevideo (Uruguay)
  • Acai na Tigela (Brazil)

Eating Masala Dosa, Kannyakumari

Eating Masala Dosa, Kannyakumari

Worst Food ever:

  • Fermented horse milk (Mongolia)
  • Iceland preserved (with urine) shark meat (China)
  • Cheese snacks (Mongolia)
  • Frozen Pizza (Viet Nam)

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